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I remember my first attempts at TV presenting - you face a camera and crew, have to deliver your lines with passion and interest, and make it all look easy. I can tell you it's not easy, but I love the challenge of trying to communicate something through a camera to someone watching somewhere in the world.


It's the same when giving a speech, you have a responsibility to draw in your audience, to tell them a story, to stir them, to move them. A good script is of course essential but that's only the beginning, next is the part where you have to speak, and for most people this is where the difficulties start. When I teach presentation skills I always tell my clients it starts with finding your authentic self and letting that pour out of you, when you do this people will listen.

I've been lucky enough to have had a whole range of experiences in TV including roles as mentor, judge and presenter, and as a speaker on many topics. I've spoken about music; my journey in the arts; wellbeing and mental health. I've hiked up mountains in China to find monkeys; taught celebrities how to conduct for reality TV; been on two TEDx stages to share my experiences as a conductor; appeared in an Apple Watch commercial; talked to architects, artists, designers in Southeast Asia and learned about their craft. It's been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to finding out even more about this incredible world in which we live, and to share it with you.

In the videos I share some of this diverse work I've done as a presenter and speaker. The first is my showreel and the second a TEDx talk I gave in Hong Kong.

If you're facing difficulties with public speaking, preparing for TV interviews, or just want to present your best self, click below and see I can help you. 

Tales from Modern China - BBC World / Jiangsu Broadcasting

Heart of Asia - BBC World

Maestro - BBC

Project Symphony - Mediacorp

Classical Star - BBC

Culture Show - BBC

Clash! - BBC

How a Choir Works - BBC

Young Musician of the Year - BBC

BBC Proms - BBC

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