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Listening to Life...

I always wanted to be a musician.


Having started cello lessons at the age of ten, I discovered the world of classical music, and it consumed me.


Now, with over 25 years of conducting experience under my belt I still sense this love affair, and continue to share this passion with audiences. I especially love the creativity of making music accessible to all; helping others discover music through concerts I script, conduct and present.


When I think about my journey as a musician I realise that developing a technique was important, but without the ability to listen carefully all this technique meant nothing. I learned that by listening I could affect change; I could provide support; I could paint moods; I could bring others along with me on a journey. 


I bring this fundamental skill to my other work. Whether I'm conducting, coaching, or presenting, I'm always listening: to the flow of presentation; the harmony and dissonance of a coaching session; the intensity of the orchestra when on the podium. 

But i've noticed that while we are very used to hearing the sounds of the outside world, we are less successful when it comes to attending to the noise of our internal self. I often wonder why we have difficulty with this.

My sense is that we don't take time to process what we are feeling, we think that just thinking our way out of a problem is the only way. We choose especially not to listen to our bodies, and end up separating the mind, heart, and body.


And this disintegration leaves us feeling, well.....unsettled.



But it doesn't have to be like this. It can all change. 

If you have a moment (and you do, trust me) listen to yourself. Ready? 

Take a couple of deep breathes.....and simply sense what is happening inside of you....

Take your time.

What does it feel like? 

Does it say anything to you?




When we listen with presence, something very interesting happens - we open up to life. We begin to feel alive again, sensing fully the connection between the mind, heart and body. 


Bringing these parts altogether is akin to witnessing  a wonderful symphony unfold within us. We start to hear the beautiful melodies and rich harmonies of life, and we are carried along by its rhythms and tempi. The sections of the orchestra all now work together in one seamless whole. We become the music, and the world wants to listen. 

When you're the conductor of your life you hear more, see further, and move dynamically. 

Are you ready to step on the podium?



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