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What is an integral development coach?

Take a moment and have a look at the picture above. It's a view of the Peak District in the UK. 

Picture yourself sitting there on the rock. 

As you sit there, what do you see? What do you sense? 


Sometimes in life we need some time out, an opportunity to pause and take stock. During this period a coach can help you to start your journey of self discovery, to take a deep look at what holds you back, to understand any issues that may be troubling you. This means giving yourself space for self development.


The integral part often confuses people, but it simply is the  combination of head, heart and body work. Through this integral approach you'll understand that you don't exist in parts, but as a wonderful whole.

Who would benefit from integral development coaching? 

Coaching is for everyone, so whether you are a C-suite executive with problems at work, or someone needing guidance on an personal issue, I can help. 


My strength lies in bringing a wealth of experience from outside the standard corporate structure, giving you a fresh perspective to work and life.

Do I need a coach? 

Someone might recommend you have a coach, but you need to be open to this idea before starting; only you will know if you need some help. If you are experiencing any of the following, and finding it difficult to understand how these issues are affecting you, you might want to try coaching.

-Personal loss

-Difficulties at work

-Problems at home

-Issues with self worth / self doubt 

-Anger that doesn't seem to go away

How do I get started?

You will want to see if I am the right coach for you, so it's important to have an initial "chemistry" session to see if we can establish a working relationship. We'll meet, have a conversation, and following this we can both decide whether we go forward with the coaching.

What happens next? 

Once we decide to go ahead, we'll arrange a date for our first session. The preferred way to meet is face to face at a quiet location, there we can safely talk about anything you want. An alternative way to have sessions is via an online video platform like Skype or Zoom. In the initial session we will form a plan, and from this an agreement for the coaching sessions ahead. 



What will we explore in the sessions? 

As we work together we will explore what it is that blocks you from showing up in life. We will have lots of conversations, and I will employ various methods and techniques to help you see more clearly the issues that may be arising.

I will listen to what you share with me, but I will also encourage you to listen to yourself so you'll discover at a deeper level what is happening internally.

The coaching will work better if you can be open, direct and honest. This might take some time, but please do remember it's not a race or a test - you dictate the tempo of the sessions. 


Please also know that anything that we talk about in the sessions will remain strictly confidential.

How long do I need to be coached?

Self development work takes time and you are encouraged to have sessions over 6, 9 or 12 months. The number of sessions is flexible but once every two to three weeks works best. Each session will last an hour. Remember that habits formed over many years  are hard, but not impossible, to unpick. 

How much does it cost?

This will depend on how many sessions you would like. Please get in touch for package details. 


"Working with Jason has set me on a path of self discovery and learning to self soothe and strengthen through various practices. As my life coach, Jason has been a guiding source of energy and I’m very touch with his sincerity and commitment to working with me on being confident of my strengths and accepting my weaknesses. For such, I’m grateful he’s been an intergral part of my journey."

Shirlynn O.; Communications Manager 

Need to get in touch? 

Contact me for more information about a service or to book an appointment. 

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