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I would like my team to experience leadership from another angle, can you help?


If you want to experience leadership in an entirely new light; if you want to see and hear transformation; if you want to feel the sensation of moving together in one direction with the same goal, then Conducting Leadership is what you're looking for. Your team will be inspired and motivated. 

What is the Conducting Leadership Programme? 

It is a collection of dynamic workshops for businesses and organisations led by international conductor, integral coach, presenter & speaker, Jason Lai.

Through a series of presentations and experiential sessions, participants will see how organisations can mirror the leadership structure, and inter-relational teamwork of a live orchestra, to achieve performance and results.

What are the takeaways? 

Your team be inspired to reach deep into their leadership

identity, questioning what they know about themselves, in order to be the best leader they can be. 

They will see:

-A conductor that leads with authority, presence and authenticity will produce results.

-How the conductor can encourage the orchestra to perform in alignment, listen to each other, and perform with heart and soul. 

-The orchestra work as a team, build trust, capacity and capability through honest and direct communication. 

-Every individual musician on stage leading with dedication and courage. 

What else will my team learn? 

-The importance of body language and gesture in effective communication.

-How clear messages and story telling can motivate and inspire.

-How agility in decision making has a huge affect on your team.

-Allowing innovation will transform the organisation.

-That leaders are not born, they are made. 

-How leadership is about action not position. 

Which other organisations have been inspired by Conducting Leadership? 

A wide range of clients, representing a wide range of industries. These include Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial Services, Technology, Software, Education, Media and Professional Services.

Is Conducting Leadership flexible? 

Yes, it's very adaptable. It's available for groups of all sizes, and for participants from all levels of management. There is a half day and a full day version, but it can also be finely tuned to meet your needs. 

Who leads Conducting Leadership?

With over 20 years of experience as a leader on the podium, Jason Lai has conducted orchestras globally, including the BBC Philharmonic, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra and New Japan Philharmonic. He is also an executive coach, TV presenter and speaker. 

How can I find out more? 

For more information, or to discuss how we can help you design a bespoke session to suit your company's needs, click the contact button at the bottom of this page and fill in the form.

"…every single person in that hall on the day crowded around you and the orchestra as you went about the practical segment – they were fully immersed and completely captivated…During the learning debrief the participants found the "musical" session relevant in terms of the type of adaptive leadership they may need to practice in their context…"
Johan G.; Technology Company  
Need to get in touch? 

Contact me for more information about a service or to book an appointment. 

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