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When did you start presenting?

My journey as a presenter started in 2003 when I was asked by the BBC to be roving reporter for a classical music competition. Since then i've appeared on TV as a presenter, mentor, judge, panelist, and expert in various programmes in UK and abroad. I've also had years of experience on stage as a conductor/presenter, host and MC, panel moderator, and speaker. ​

Can I see some of your work? 

There are three videos you can view, each giving you a different aspect of my presenting work:


1. A showreel where you'll see a selection of the TV programmes in which I have appeared, largely footage of presenter led documentaries, and some reality TV.

2. As a speaker in a TEDx talk.


3. As a conductor/presenter for a children's show I wrote. 


There's also a list of TV shows in which i've appeared. 

What is presence & presentation coaching? 

Many of us find the idea of public speaking a sweat inducing 

nightmare. These days however we are all expected to present something at some point in our lives. 


You may be asked to make a presentation to your clients; to give a keynote to an large audience; to give a speech at a family gathering - all easy in theory, but difficult in practice. If any of this is causing you to shift uneasily in your chair, then presence & presentation coaching will help. 

I can also help you to prepare for panel moderations, hosting and MC duties, interviews, social situations, and other areas that require you to present your best self.

How can you help me? 

I have over 15 years of experience as a presenter. I've been  in front of a camera as a host, mentor and judge for TV; on stage in concerts as a conductor/presenter; as a moderator for panel discussions; and engaged as a speaker for numerous events.


Combining this with my training as an integral coach, I am well placed to help you to not only develop your presentation skills, but also to deepen understanding of yourself when under pressure.


You will learn skills to help you be more comfortable on stage or in front of a camera, and you will also be coached on any fears you may have associated with public speaking. This multitiered approach will provide you with the best support possible. 

What happens in presence & presentation coaching sessions?

Initially we will meet and discuss what type of presenting coaching you feel you need. When I have understood your requirements I will then give you a plan and an idea of the number of sessions I think will benefit you.


In the sessions I will use a combination of techniques to help you focus on your body and voice. You will gain confidence in your ability to communicate with others, delivering strong and compelling messages, while being your authentic self. 

I'll also work with you on a deeper level to find presence and what may be holding you back. This will involve conversations about any issues that you feel may be troubling your performance. We will explore those issues to help you develop both your presence on stage, and in life. 

When can I start?!

If you would like to know more, or to find out how we can get started, please get in touch by clicking the contact button below and fill in the form. 

Tales from Modern China - BBC World / Jiangsu Broadcasting

Heart of Asia - BBC World

Maestro - BBC

Project Symphony - Mediacorp

Classical Star - BBC

Culture Show - BBC

Clash! - BBC

How a Choir Works - BBC

Young Musician of the Year - BBC

BBC Proms - BBC

Need to get in touch? 

Contact me for more information about a service or to book an appointment. 

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